Why access control?

Why get rid of keys?
A door entry system will give you control over who gains entry to your building. We use Paxton access control door entry systems.

Keys also do this – so what is the difference?
When you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all the other keys. Or you accept the building is no longer secure. 2. With an automated and secure access solution you simply void an individual token from the system. 3. There is no need to replace locks or keys. 4. The security of your building is always maintained.

fermax access control
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We believe we use the best, safest and secure access management and door entry systems available.

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P.E.S. have installed Paxton door entry systems in Swansea and throughout South Wales. Manufacturers like Paxton access control and their net2 system, Firmax and Videx all manufacture advanced PC based access solutions. They provide centralised administration and control of sites, with up to a one thousand door entry system and 50,000 users.

We are a Paxton installer and have years of experience in designing suitable door entry systems for a variety of properties; from homes to business premises and large commercial units to local government authorities in South and West Wales.

P.E.S. can advise you on what you will need at the best value and install it for you. We’re local too, so we can visit you quickly from our offices in Swansea.

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Alerting the authorities instantly

In addition to the traditional noise alarms that can help to deter intruders, we can also install communicated intruder alarm systems that can alert the appropriate authorities to an intrusion. This can include the property owner, a designated keyholder, as well as the Police.

24-hour Response and Monitoring

We can provide you with a 24-hour monitoring service for your systems. This means that if your alarms are ever triggered you an be assured that both you and the Police will be alerted the moment it happens, to ensure you get a rapid response from the Police.

PES Security Systems 24-hour Response and Monitoring

Why use PC-based access control?

  • Central control panels – all doors can be controlled from one place.
  • Reporting – an event is generated every time a token is used to gain access.
  • Complete flexibility – access can be granted to users according to time and place.
  • Management systems – easy to use software like net2 software from paxton access control systems.

What are the advantages of central control management system?

  • Full control of the system from your desk in real time.
  • Users are added and instantly have the access rights that you permit.
  • Individual access rights can be altered.
  • The changes instantly update at the doors.
  • Tokens voided – someone leaves without handing back his or her token, simply bar that user token from the system.
  • Explorer style software makes all tasks quick and easy to perform.

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