Burglar Alarms
& Monitored Intruder Alarm

Studies reveal that you are far less likely to be a victim of a burglary with an intruder alarm. Consequently, burglar alarms are a worthwhile investment as they help protect your home and family or business. However, it’s important that you have a correctly fitted and well maintained burglar alarm.

We are an NSI approved installer. As a Swansea burglar alarm company, we fit many intruder alarm systems throughout South Wales including Bridgend intruder or burglar alarms, Neath and Port Talbot.

So how do you choose an alarm?

There are many different types of burglar alarms available for domestic and business use. They are broadly categorised into 2 main groups:-

  • bells only alarm
  • monitored alarm systems

The issue is further complicated as both the above types can be available as “hard-wired” or “wireless” systems. So let’s try to clarify. Find out below, here’s a few pointers to help you decide.

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Bells only Burglar Alarm System

With the first group, bells only alarm system, when the alarm is triggered by one of the alarm detectors, an outside bell or siren is activated. This will undoubtedly inform the burglar that they have been detected and may motivate them to leave. The mere presence of audible alarms may also persuade a burglar to find an easier target.

However, today more houses have alarms and security systems fitted and there are false alarms too. So it’s not surprising that a passer buy or your neighbour may choose to ignore the warnings bells for some genuine alarm activations.

How many times have you heard a burglar alarm going off and taken some action?

Many cheaper systems result in numerous false alarms and the public have to some extent become immune to the sound of a continuous alarm. Coupled with this, even if an alarm bell is reported to the Police, there’s a policy for responding.  As the pressures placed on the local police force by numerous false alarms, has led the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to issue an Intruder Alarm Policy.

Most of the alarm systems we feature fully comply with Type A with Police response or Type B with limited to no Police response. Find out more about the types of alarms and how they can be used to secure your home or business premises.

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Monitored Intruder Alarm & Maintenance

As well as alarm installations we provide maintenance services and alarm monitoring. When it comes to monitoring we use the latest technology. For example the CSL DualCom invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996. They have continued to innovate with complementary elements such as their unique GSM alarm call back up feature. GSM alarm system is an alarm system that’s operating through GSM (global system for mobile communications) network. So it does not require a phone line and can be self monitored as you receive SMS text message alerts. This offers three signalling paths as standard and at no extra cost which helps to minimise unnecessary keyholder call-outs. Then the WorldSim® followed, providing installers with the additional benefit of the use of all four UK mobile networks. This provides almost 100% radio coverage throughout the UK, minimising line faults to just one per system, every three years.

CSL chose Vodafone as their business partner for the integrity its network performance in both reliability and speed.

DualCom is charged as a fixed tariff, meaning the device can send and receive an unlimited amount of data at no extra charge. This affordable technology offers dual signalling at single-path signalling prices and is favoured by Insurers and the emergency services.  The smart way forward in the protection of people and property. With the addition of single path wireless signalling even more savings can be found without compromising security.


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