approved NSI Swansea CCTV installer

NSI Approved Swansea Company

Today, CCTV plays a major role in protecting business like yours. Firstly, it provides round the clock detection. As a result,  your business can be watched over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Secondly, CCTV Security cameras also provide a record of criminal activity that can be used for evidential purposes. Consequently, as an NSI approved Swansea company, PES provides security cameras throughout South Wales.

Use an approved NSI Swansea CCTV installer

Afterall, your security needs to be effective and meet the requirements set out by police and your insurer. Therefore, it’s important to have CCTV systems installed and maintained in accordance with the required standards. As a result, those approved by the NSI are professional companies that have a proven track record. They are compliant and are trusted CCTV installers.

PES is an NSI Approved Installer

Why use a South Wales NSI approved?

  1. You know, a thoroughly security vetted company.
  2. Rigorously inspected twice a year.
    • to ensure they are maintaining standards the quality of security camera installation
    • the company are maintaining standards as a quality business and properly insured
  3. They operate a 24 hour call out service and respond within 4 hours.
  4. A complete a thorough security survey of your property will be carried out.
  5. They install reliable, up to date CCTV equipment.
  6. You know you’ll get a Certificate of Compliance for your system that meets the relevant British and European Standards.
  7. Importantly, the company operates to the highest level of business excellence. If NACOSS Gold members, they will have achieved the industry specific ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Consequently, NSI provides the toughest inspection services. As a result, it ensures that all its approved companies continuously meet the highest standards.

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